Interview Advice

There is a technique to successful job interviewing and the applicant who masters this fine art has a definite edge over the other applicants.

The job interview is the best opportunity you have to gather facts about a job and to sell yourself to the potential employer. Though other factors such as your CV and references play an important role, the decision on whether or not you are hired will be based on the interview.

The element of personal contact provides critical information. Will you fit in? Are you confident as well as competant? The impression you make at the interview will remain with the employer long after the details in your CV.

Prior to Interview

  • Preparation
  • Things to take

The Interview

  • Interview Tips
  • Questions you may be asked
  • Questions you can ask
  • Questions to avoid
  • Closing the Interview
  • Factors contributing to
  • Negative Response at Interview

After the Interview

  • Evaluating the Interview
  • Negotiate your package
  • Counter-Offers
  • References
  • Receiving a Job Offer
  • Conclusion

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