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What is Virtual Talent Partner?

Have you ever asked yourself:

Do I have the talent to quickly and successfully execute my organisation’s strategy?
Which roles drive most value in my business?
What will it cost me if I get my talent pipeline wrong?
How am I engaging and rewarding talent in these pivotal roles?
How do we engage and retain our best people?






Virtual Talent Partner is a service that answers these questions for you. It is a cost effective online platform that will deliver savings and ultimately growth  to organisations by helping you align an effective talent management process to the business strategy.


How it works.

You do what you do best and we do what we do best. When you or your clients need us, we carry out a full fact find, provide advice,  and  implementation if required.

Using Slack technology we set up an cloud based account for you. This secure channel provides a  transparent record of all communications, files and templates.




What you get.

  1. Expert advice on talent management in a transparent and convenient way.
  2. Insights and tools to help you reduce costs and increase productivity and growth
  3. Peace of mind for you and/or your client.
  4. 20% reduction in hourly fees


Take a test drive.

  1. Let us know you want try out Virtual Talent Partner by clicking
  2. We’ll then send you a link inviting you to join the test team
  3. Once you accept our invite you’re free to access expert advice and useful tools, templates and checklists.
  4.  Need help? Call support on +353 1 8727008



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