RFC was set up in Ireland in 1998 to provide talent expertise to Irish and multinational organisations.

Our expertise in organisation culture and talent allows us to advise you on achieving business objectives by adding value to your processes to recruit, assess and develop high performing leaders and teams within the organisation culture context. Thus helping you avoid the risks and costs associated with poor talent management.

In 2012 we enhanced our international market expertise by becoming the Irish partner within the CFR global netork.

  • We work in 32 countries and growing
  • Our  network has over 60 offices
  • Expertise from our group comes from over 350 consultants

For over 20 years we partnered with our clients to deliver for them, no matter what the economic or business context.

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We Find

We partner with organisations to find and select high impact people.


  • Identifying and attracting unique leaders
  • Assessing culture, skills and motivation fit
  • Advising on reward structure and retention.

Our experts deliver using bespoke solutions.

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We Grow

We help people and organisations to grow by providing support and solutions across the entire talent management process.

  • Align business, culture and talent strategy
  • Identify and assess the elements of talent that drive value
  • Provide coaching solutions that drive high performance

A co- created solution unique to you drives growth.

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Advise only within areas of competence where we can deliver on promises made.


Maintain highest professional standards to protect the confidentiality of our team, clients and candidates


Openness, transparency, and the absence of hidden agendas.


Understand the character, values, perceptions and personality of our team, clients and candidates and the context they are embedded in.


Constantly harness new ideas to create added value. Benchmarking to ensure best in class tools & processes.


  • Deliver on your promises. As we have a proven track record in delivering on our promises for over 20 years you can deliver on yours.
  • Local Knowledge and Global Reach. We are the Irish partner within the CFR global network which gives you access to 32 countries,  60 offices and 350+ consultants.
  • Develop your Expertise.  We will transfer our knowledge to you giving you the benefit of our indepth understanding of talent management, leadership, national & international talent markets and global best practice.
  • Friendly and responsive service.  You get a prompt answer to your queries delivered in a courteous and affable way.
  • Innovative Co- Created Solutions.   Experience tells us that only by combining your experience with our expertise and understanding you and your industry can we will design the solution(s)  that will deliver for you.
  • Search Assure Guarantee.  Our Search processes are validated using deep knowledge of your industry, and innovative science and analytics are backed up with a six month guarantee.


So ever since we opened our doors in 1998, we’ve dedicated ourselves to earning the trust and respect of our client, employees and communities.

Our Charity for 2019

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