How to make the most of your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the world’s leading online professional directory of individuals and companies, but more than that it has become an invaluable tool for networking, job searching and personal branding. When someone googles you it is more than likely that your LinkedIn profile will appear in the first or second spot on the results page and

Career Anchors

Edgar Schein at MIT has identified eight themes and has shown that people will have prioritized preferences for these. For example a person with a primary theme of Security/Stability will seek secure and stable employment over, say, employment that is challenging and riskier. People tend to stay anchored in one area and their career will

CV Advice

A Curriculum Vitae is a summary of your skills, accomplishments, experiences and education designed to capture a prospective employer’s interest. Overview: CV Content CV Appearance CV Don’ts Cover Letter The CV is a key document to use because a good CV will: - Get you an interview by intriguing a potential employer - Encourage the

How Executives Make a Career Move

Full Survey Report Please email or call +353 1 8727008 for more information Executives in most sectors are bombarded by mixed messages about the best approach to take when looking for a new role or conversely when looking to hire mid to senior level managers. This confusion is fuelled largely by the rise of social

How to Decide if you should relocate for a job.

What happens if you are offered your dream job, but it is thousands of miles away? How do you know if it is worth locating for a particular job? Who should be involved in helping you make this decision? How do you weigh up the pros such as opportunity and increased salary against the cons

Interview Advice

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Stress Management

Given the turbulent world of the last few years a lot of people are coming under an increased amount of stress in general and also when looking to make a career move or change. We felt it might well be of use to you to have access to some expertise in how to deal with

How to Keep a Job Search Discreet

Looking for a job while you already have one can be stressful, especially in the age of social media when privacy is scarce. You don’t want to rock the boat at your current company, but you want to find the next great opportunity. Should you tell your boss you’re looking? How do you handle references?

Pre Interview anxiety?- Do NOT calm down

For over 20 years we have been conducting interviews and have consistently found pre-interview anxiety to be a candidate’s worst enemy. We are all too familiar with the problems that anxiety can cause for candidates prior to an interview. Anxiety before any high stress task can harm our capacity for memory, confidence, as well as

Cover Letter

A Cover Letter should be typed, well-written and directed to a real person. Find out who the potential decision maker is and address the letter to that person. At least mark it for the attention of the HR Manager or Managing Partner. Opening paragraph Your opening paragraph should pique the interest of the potential employer. Say why you are

Personal Branding

What is it? Essentially, the concept claims that with the advent of fast and easy global communications mainly revolving around the web, the world is getting ever smaller and information on any subject or anyone is more readily available and in larger volumes. This makes the competition for visibility ever more fierce. It puts forward

Goal Setting

With New Year comes a slew of resolutions and plans. If you have big plans for the coming year than it’s time to take note of the strategies needed to achieve your goals. First things first, the strategies needed to achieve your goals are actually very simple, it’s the execution that is more difficult. You

The Perils of Procrastination

Everybody procrastinates sometimes but there are a large number of people who chronically avoid difficult tasks and look for distractions which in this day and age are increasingly available. Once procrastination strikes it can be very difficult to shake off. We all know highly productive people who seem to get more done in an hour

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