Assessment & Succession

Know your organisations current and future successful leaders

It’s well known that success depends on having the right people in the right roles, at the right time. High performing organisation are clear on how their people perform, their potential and what motivates and drives them. This way, they can accurately identify their talent, match the best people to suitable roles, and develop future leaders through succession management to ensure they are ready, when and where needed.
Our assessment and succession solutions help you understand the true capabilities of your people so you can make decisions that allow your team to perform at its best and so drive your organisation’s growth.

Leader Assessment

We assess a range of agreed competencies covering three main areas:
  • Cultural Fit
  • Skills Fit
  • Motivational Fit


There are many different methods to measure an individual’s leadership ability, selecting the appropriate assessments and benchmarks is the key.
Our leadership assessments address all levels of leadership, from the C-suite and executives to first-level leaders and individual contributors. These assessments include:
  • Multi-source assessments: Delivered online or through phone interviews, these assessments determine leadership behaviors of the employee in their current role. They gather feedback from several different observers and stakeholders,including an employee’s direct reports, peers, and superiors.
  • Behavioral leadership interviews: These interviews are also facilitated face-to-face or by video. Behavioral leadership interviews are meant to measure an individual’s leadership behaviors, drivers, and experiences and compare them to those the role requires.
  • Psychometric Testing . Leadership inventories are delivered online for individuals in order to measure their leadership abilities.
  • Business simulations: Business simulations are delivered to candidates in-person. The candidates are presented with different scenarios, and we gather observable data based on their responses and critical behaviors in those situations.

Retention and Succession

Our Succession Management solutions manage the risk to shareholder value that a change of leadership can impact.
Our assessment and analytical tools help organisations know whether they have the talent they need to drive growth, identify any weak spots in the leadership pipeline, and insights into how to close the gaps.

Our approach

Our flexible approach encompasses all phases of the succession process. We:
  • Start with an understanding of your business strategy, culture and context, so that we clarify the talent you’ll need for success.
  • Provide an effective talent review process that enables you to understand your bench strength and create targeted development plans. This process has been used in thousands of groups and organizations around the world, at all levels.
  • Build success profiles for critical roles—from the CEO to individual contributors—which describe the competencies, experiences, traits, and drivers required for future success.
  • Identify and assess internal and external candidates, using our rigorous assessment methodologies.
  • Create a development plan for the internal talent pipeline, involving on-the-job training, mentoring, feedback, and coaching, as well as formal academic and training programs.
  • Implement a development plan specifically for your leaders at all levels.
  • Transfer knowledge to sustain the succession planning process, and enable organizations to meet their succession needs.

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