Supply Chain

RFC Executive has long been a trusted advisor to the supply chain market, in fact for more than 15 years. Trends such as globalisation, outsourcing and movement of sourcing to low-cost regions have all led to more complexity in supply chains and an even greater need for proven talent.

RFC Executive’s expertise focuses on meeting the talent needs in finding, assessing and developing high impact professionals.


  • Demand Planning and Management
  • Procurement
  • Distribution and Logistics

Current roles

Category Manager Med Tech €60K-80K

Completed assignments

Category Procurement Manager
Supply Chain€100k+
Logisitics ManagerSupply Chain€90k+
Operations Transport ManagerSupply Chain€neg
Procurement ManagerSupply Chain€neg
Supply Chain DirectorSupply Chain€neg

Motivation Through Staff or Pay Cuts

Now more than ever motivating staff is key to the survival of your organisation. However, to do this whilst implementing cuts can be very difficult to achieve and sustain. We’ve conducted interviews with senior executives who “have the t-shirt” and it’s no surprise to find that it’s all about engagement, of both employees and management.

How to help remote employees bond

Research has shown that employees who work remotely often feel as though they are excluded from the company culture. These employees report feeling as though they are not treated equal to the colleagues and are often worried that their colleagues are working against them. As a result, if a problem occurs, almost half of remote

Managing mood contagion

Mood affects the culture of an organisation A positive work culture is what differentiates high- performance organisations from less successful ones. The formula is quite exact. The emotional style of leader’s accounts for between 50 to 70% of an organisations work culture (how people feel about working for a company) which in turn accounts for

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