Our contemporary psychological approach yields a deep understanding of behaviour and culture that facilitates change and so personal, team and organisation growth

This means a customised development experience that manages the discomfort of change to yield behaviour enhancement. We take a practical approach, looking to build sustainable capabilities that will enable leaders and organizations to advance strategy objectives, adapt to disruption and drive high impact market success in the short, medium and long term

Guide to leader and team coaching




As part of an induction or culture change process this form of coaching is used to enhance performance, lead-in time and leadership retention.


Focus is on enhancing a corporate leader, team or entrepreneur’s skills and performance to increase their effectiveness and productivity.


Getting the best outcome for leaders considering their skills, experience, personal circumstances and job market conditions.


Developing and implementing strategy is made easy by using an experienced business coach to guide you and your team through the process.


Change Accelerator

Each assignment is unique and a tailored program using our process is created to deliver on agreed goals.

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Programs & Approches

Self Directed Development Program

Our program will be tailored to the individual’s real-life leadership challenges and customised to the individual’s personal learning and development requirements.

Our programs are typically for 6 months, because we recognise that behaviour change takes time, commitment and energy. Behaviour Change is a process not an event; there is a learning cycle involved, which involves analysis, refinement and more practice; having the support of our team through this process will help the client maintain focus and energy to achieve the desired end game.

Team Development Program

We engage with teams as they deal with the topics that are important to the success of their organisations. We help them identify talents and skills, and through effective behaviours, deliver improved performance.

Coaching Approaches

The approach we use will be customised to each situation. The may include Cognitive Behavioural, Systemic/Psychodynamic, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution Focused and Person Centred.

Psychometric Profiling

We use a range of tests to highlight areas for improvement and progress made that access EQ, Values, Personality profile and 360 Feedback.

Coaching Panels

We provide access to a broad spectrum of coaching experts with experience across a wide range of industries. Many of our larger client organisations find it useful to have a panel of coaches to offer their people to ensure the right coaching “chemistry” is achieved.


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