How our process will help you


Power your growth

The right leaders in place will allow you to drive your organisation forward.

Find rare talent

Typically, high demand talent don’t look for a career move.  They are actively approached.

Confidential and transparent

When you or just a chosen few can know that you need to hire. Our process is independently verifiable, diverse and inclusive.

Enhance your employer brand

Our culture is a friendly and responsive one. You’ll get a prompt response to queries delivered in a courteous and affable way.

Develop your expertise

We support you with global knowledge on the availability of rare skill sets, market level reward packages, lead times.

Save time and resources

When you don’t have the bandwidth to research the market or ensure the short list has the necessary leadership skills, culture and motivation fit.


Success stories


Why our search assure process works


Our culture

We’re driven by our values:


Search expertise

Our extensive track record in passive sourcing; advertising and social networks and active sourcing :

Direct approach or head hunting.
Global network referrals.
Expert researchers data mine digital and traditional networks.

Leadership and industry experience

Our consultants are leaders themselves, experienced in building and managing teams. Many of them are active executive coaches.

We’ve over 20 years experience and have built specialist knowledge in a range of industries and professions. Our global network has dedicated industry leaders.

Global market intelligence

Our global network spans 32 countries through 59 offices.

Our Irish consultants have 20+ years experience in hiring, managing and developing leaders.

Chemistry and commitment

We meet with you and your team to ensure we have the right chemistry to partner with you effectively.

Once we’re bought in its’s easy to transfer our knowledge and commit to delivering for you.

Technology and resources

Latest systems and processes to track and manage each assignment to ensure efficiency and transparency.

Our consultants manage a maximum of four searches and are backed up by a researcher.

Our global network at a glance



Our search assure process


Our consultants manage a maximum of four searches and each one is supported by a researcher.


1: Strategy


Your organisation

Business goals- short and long term
Organisation Structure- Current and Future
Culture and key stakeholders


Conduct a thorough evaluation, measuring you against key competitors and the top-performing firms in your industry


Refine KPIs, role and person specification
Competency Framework designed


2: Identify talent


Market analysis

Develop a Market Map of people who have the potential to fit the role. This will cover countries, sectors and organisations agreed with you

Head hunting

Approach targeted leaders with a compelling vision of your organisation and their role within it.

Long list

Manage additional sources: advertising, databases, social media
Refined list of those expressing an interest


3: Assessment


Indepth candidate reports

We prepare a full culture, skills and motivations analysis for each candidate

Behavioural Interview

Indepth interview to access skills, culture and motivation fit

Psychometric testing

Access to our  values, emotional intelligence and personality tests, if required


4: Selection


Client interviews

Set up inteviews
Debrief canadidates
Review with client

Offer process

Background and reference checking
Negotiate reward package
Manage offer contract


Maintain relationship between offer acceptance and start date
Coaching support throughout probation period
Review process and new hires impact

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