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Role IndustrySalary
Head Of SalesConsumer - FMCG€150k+
Bio Pharma Team LeadIndustrial - Biopharmaceutical€neg
Black Belt Process Manager Healthcare - Medtech €100k+
Business Development DirectorNot For Profit €140k OTE
Business Development Director Industrial - Mech/Elec€neg
Business DirectorBiz Services €145k+
Business DirectorBiz Services - Technical€120K+
Business Unit Director Healthcare - Medtech €neg
Business Unit DirectorHealthcare- Care Home€120K
Category Procurement ManagerSupply Chain €100k +
CEO Industrial €neg
CEONot For Profit €neg
Chief Commercial Officer Technology - Software €140k+
Chief Operation OfficerTechnology - Software€165K
EMEA HR DirectorTechnology - Software€140k
Engineering DirectorEngineering€135K+
Environmental ManagerIndustrial-Construction€150K
ER ConsultantBiz Services - Consulting€110k
Operations ManagerGov & Semi-State€95K
General ManagerIndustrial- Printing€140k
Head of CommercialGov & Semi-State€110K
Head of OperationsIndustrial €160k
Head of ProcurementHealthcare- Hospital€110K+
Head of OperationsConsumer - FMCG€155k
HR IS Lead- Europe Consumer€90k
Logisitics ManagerSupply Chain€90K+
Maintenance ManagerEngineering€100K+
Marketing DirectorConsumer€145K
Operations Transport ManagerSupply Chain€110k
Plant ManagerIndustrial- Manufacturing€135K
Sales and Marketing DirectorConsumer€130K+
Sales and Marketing directorConsumer€120K
Senior Engineering Project ManagerEngineering €neg
Senior Project ManagerFinancial Services€120k+
International Marketing ManagerNot for Profit€110k
Lean Manft. ManagerHealthcare- Medtech€120k
Operations DirectorFinancial Services €120K+
Quality DirectorBiz Services - Technical €145K+
Senior Project ManagerIndustrial - Engineering€125k
VP Finance & HRTechnology - Software€165K

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