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Reference rfc3050
Salary €neg
Industry Consumer
Location Dublin

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Reporting to the Sales Director, the Sales Operations Manager role plays a pivotal role in managing and motivating the customer service team to continue to deliver a 1st class service to customers and proactively achieve our telesales objectives. They play a key role in driving the sales process and will liaise closely with the Sales Director and the sales team, to ensure they receive the necessary support to maximize sales.

Responsible for the day to day management of the customer service team.


  • In conjunction with the Director, establish KPI’s for the team and through their ongoing management and monitoring ensure they are met. Follows up with team members weekly on their progress
  • Develops and designs a range of incentive schemes to maximise the achievement of objectives.
  • Plan, develop, review and implement outgoing call lists for team members
  • Provide periodical reports to Sales Director on performance against KPIs.
  • Ensure all existing and new work policies are implemented and maintained
  • Manages all rosters and holiday cover
  • Responsible to ensure the team is motivated through close performance monitoring
  • Ensures the team is efficiently resourced and where required recruits and selects new staff members.
  • Responsible for induction and training of new customer service team members
  • Identify development needs of team members and maintain high levels of morale and positivity within the team.
  • Responsible to ensure through regular meetings and communication the engagement and motivation of the team and ensure their knowledge is maintained and up to date.
  • Work with the commercial team to ensure customer service team members are fully skilled and knowledgeable in the range of products we offer.
  • Ensure the team are up to date and trained in all new practices for example CRM.

Manage the team and personally provide professional and focused outbound and incoming call service for existing customers, always striving to maximise sales for the company. Responsible to successfully manage the expectations and gain the confidence of our customers. 


Ensure team members:

  • Complete all outgoing and incoming calls for order taking and proactive selling
  • Inform customers of promotional offers
  • Ensure outgoing calls coincide with the delivery schedule
  • Ensure company regulations are adhered to
  • Work in conjunction with accounts team to help reduce company debtors
  • Up sell/Cross sell to ensure maximisation of each sale
  • Look for opportunities to improve efficiencies and build great relationships with customers
  • ensure that good customer service and satisfaction remains the key objective of the team.
  • Where required the customer service manager will complete outgoing and incoming calls as part of the roster.


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Key Requirements:

  • Selling & a proven track record in securing new business with large clients
  • Good local knowledge of the sales territory
  • Contacts and connection in the culinary industry
  • Creativity & Initiative
  • People Management, team & Leadership Skills
  • Communications Skills
  • T. And numeracy Skills
  • Culinary/Food Appreciation/Sales experience

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