Role: Senior Reliability Engineer

Due to rapidy expansion Dublin Port Company needed a senior engineer whith a high demand skill set.


RFC Executive began by meeting with the newly appointed the Head of HR spent time walking the operation to fully understand the business, it’s culture and the objectives of the company. We also reviewed the competitive landscape using our experience and contacts in the engineering sector. This yielded a comprehensive context report.
The findings suggested that the market for the skill set required was small given teh nature of teh roel and teh business they’re in.
Our strategy report was drawn up and included a job and person specification, remuneration profile and sourcing and selection strategy. This was then agreed with Dublin Port.
RFC researched the entire Irish & relevant UK markets to prepare a target or long list of 110+ targets. Once this was reviewed the short listing and initial interview selection process was conducted by RFC. This yielded a shortlist of five for first interviews.


Within the time frame of 12 weeks a senior engineer was found that fitted the skill set, culture and motivational requirements initially agreed upon. The impact is yielding beyond the desired overall improvement in performance.