Role: Head of Marketing & Development

Grafton Merchants are part of the Grafton Group PLC. The business had recently appointed and new CEO and now wanted to strengthen the senior management team to further improve performance.


Our role was to advise on the options available and once a decision was agreed upon to execute the plan. RFC Executive began by meeting with the CEO to conduct a full fact find in order to ascertain all the issues as well as getting an understanding of the culture of the firm.
In tandem with this we prepared a recruitment strategy including job and person specification, remuneration profile and a confidential sourcing and selection strategy.
We researched all relevant companies both direct competitors and companies in a similar business to prepare a target or long list of 130+ targets. Once this was reviewed with the principal the short listing and initial interview selection process was conducted by RFC. This yielded a shortlist of six for first interview.


Within the time frame a senior executive was found that fitted the skill set, culture and motivational requirements initially agreed upon. The impact is yielding beyond the desired overall improvement in performance.