Digital Industry Update December 20

Hope all is good with you and that you’ll find our latest update on your sector useful. Below you will find some of our research and some candidate profiles which gives you a sample of the calibre of people available in this industry right now, through RFC.

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Research and Insights

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Candidate Profiles

Sales & Marketing Director

Ref 8790
Expected Salary: €120k

  • Degree qualified with 20+ years experience.
  • Experience leading digital transformation.
  • Mid-large size organisations
  • Motivating manager capable of training and developing teams to enable them to reach their full potential and add value to the business.

Communications Manager

Ref 8890
Expected Salary: €80k

  • Degree qualified with 7 years marketing experience
  • 4+ years as a Digital & Corporate Communications Manager.
  • small to mid sized organisations.
  • Experience in business to business and digital marketing in the UK and Ireland, including strategy planning, PR liaison, and inbound lead generation and content creation.

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Ref 8793
Expected Salary: €150k

  • Degree qualified with 20+ years experience
  • 7 years at Director Level
  • Small-mid sized organisations
  • Expertise includes developing data-driven multi-channel go-to-market strategies, managing fast growing operations, leveraging enabling technologies, and instilling inspiration.

Marketing Manager

Ref 8785
Expected Salary: €80k

  • Degree qualified with 7 years experience
  • 5 years in the technology sector.
  • Small-Mid size organisations.
  • Experience planning and executing integrated multi-channel campaigns

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