Executive Market Sentiment H1 2018

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The aim of our survey is to help understand the changes, if any, on levels of  senior staff employed and on the salaries paid over the first half of 2018.  We approached over 2500 executives to complete our surveyand got 306 completed responses.

Overall, 57% of level 1 leaders (Chairperson, Board Director, CEO) expected no change in the number of  leaders employed. However 37% of  predicted an increase.  On salary, this cohort 50% believed that salaries would rise in the 1 to 4 %  range whilst 20% felt the rise would be 5 to 10% +.

Across all industries, 54.5% of level 3 leaders (Head of Function, Divisional Manager) expected no change in the number of  leaders employed. However 42% of  predicted an increase.  On salary this cohort 43% believed that salaries would remain the same and 54% predicting a rise a rise in the 1 to 4 %

The survey goes into more detail and gives a breakdown by industry sector including:

Industrial / Manufacturing


Pharmaceutical / Medical Devices

Healthcare (hospital, primary care)

Financial Services ( Banking, Insurance, Stockbroking or related)

Technology (ICT, software)

Consumer (B2C, non manufacturing)

Business Services (B2B, non manufacturing)

Public Service/ Semi State

Not for Profit (charity or education )

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