Manufacturing and Service Industries Update

Below are some candidate profiles which gives you a sample of the calibre of people available in this industry right now, through rfc.

Candidate Profiles

Head of Engineering

Ref 8900
Expected Salary: €120k

  • Over 15 years management experience.
  • Large international company experience.
  • Manages a team of 20+ engineers covering design, R&D and projects.
  • Reports directly to CEO

General Manager

Ref 9008
Expected Salary: €110k

  • Masters qualified with 15+ years experience
  • Experience at general manager level within small to mid sized company
  • Manage cross functional team of 15+ responsible for operations
  • Has worked for a mix of both small and medium sized organisations.

Operations Director

Ref 9003
Expected Salary: €115k

  • Masters qualified with 20 years experience.
  • Experience in both large and small organisation.
  • Manages all internal operations and all aspects of production.
  • Manages team of 30+

Head of Supply Chain

Ref 9002
Expected Salary: €120k

  • Masters degree with 18 years experience.
  • Extensive strategic change experience.
  • Lead supply chain team & interface with external & internal departments.
  • Responsibility for relationship between site & third party customers.
  • Ownership of site operations planning process

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