Sector Update Q3 2024- Nor For Profit


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Ireland’s not-for-profit sector continues to be a vital part of the nation’s social fabric, addressing a wide range of issues from health and education to environmental conservation and social justice. In the third quarter of 2024, this sector has seen significant developments, driven by both emerging challenges and innovative responses. This article provides an overview of the key trends, challenges, and accomplishments within Ireland’s not-for-profit sector during this period.

Key Trends

Increased Digital Transformation

The push towards digital transformation has accelerated within the not-for-profit sector in Ireland. Organisations are increasingly adopting digital tools and platforms to enhance their outreach, fundraising and service delivery. This shift has been largely driven by the need to engage a tech-savvy donor base and improve operational efficiencies. Online donation platforms, social media campaigns and virtual events have become more common, enabling not-for-profits to reach a broader audience and streamline their operations.

Collaboration and Partnerships

There has been a notable increase in collaboration between not-for-profits, government agencies and private sector entities. These partnerships are aimed at pooling resources, sharing expertise and amplifying impact. For instance, several environmental organisations have joined forces with local businesses to promote sustainability initiatives, while health charities are collaborating with tech companies to develop innovative solutions for patient care and support.

Focus on Mental Health

Mental health has emerged as a critical area of focus for many not-for-profits in Ireland. The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with economic uncertainties, has heightened awareness of mental health issues. Organisations are expanding their services to include mental health support, providing counselling, helplines and community-based programs to address the growing demand for mental health resources.


The not-for-profit sector in Ireland remains a significant employer, providing jobs to a substantial number of people across various fields. In Q3 2024, it looks set to see a modest increase in employment within the sector, driven by the expansion of services and new project initiatives. Many organisations are hiring for roles in digital marketing, project management and community outreach to support their growing operations.

Challenges in Workforce Retention

Despite job growth, workforce retention continues to be a challenge for not-for-profits. The sector often struggles with high turnover rates due to factors such as competitive salaries in the private sector, burnout and the demanding nature of the work. To address these issues, many organisations are focusing on improving workplace conditions, offering professional development opportunities and implementing wellness programs to support their staff.

Volunteer Contributions

Volunteers play a crucial role in the not-for-profit sector, complementing the efforts of paid staff. In Q3 2024, there has been a noticeable increase in volunteer engagement, with many individuals offering their time and skills to support various causes. This surge in volunteerism is partly attributed to increased public awareness and a growing sense of community responsibility.


The third quarter of 2024 looks likely to be a period of challenge for Ireland’s not-for-profit sector.

As we move into the second half of 2024, it is essential for not-for-profits to continue embracing innovation and collaboration. By leveraging digital tools, forming strategic partnerships and maintaining a strong focus on mental health and talent retention, the sector can enhance its effectiveness and sustainability. Continued support from the public, government and private sector will be crucial in enabling these organisations to fulfill their missions and contribute to a better Ireland.


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