Talent Managment

Market Update Q4 – Navigating the Dual Challenge

The Irish leadership talent market is in a state of constant flux, influenced by a variety of factors, including business confidence and labour market trends. The degree of certainty or uncertainty within this landscape often dictates whether organizations commit to growth, maintain their current course, or implement necessary cutbacks. In this commentary, we aim to […]

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Retention Factors

How do you improve employee retention? Retention and engagement is generally viewed as one of the most important priorities for businesses in our survey. When respondents were asked what the main factors were that attracted them to a certain job and company our research yielded areas that can to be reviewed and possibly improved when

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Why use psychometric testing?

Psychometrics refers to ‘the psychological theory or technique of mental measurement’ – (Merriam-Webster 2018). Getting a better sense of a candidate’s personality and behavioural traits is much more difficult in an interview than learning about their skills, education and experience. As a result, many employers include psychometric testing for assessing current or potential talent and as part

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