Reimagine your leadership team

As an Irish firm with a global network of 350 expert advisors, you can be confident we'll understand you and your industry.

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link your business objectives to your culture and talent strategy.

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source and select rare talent nationally and internationally.

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develop your leader, team and organisation EQ and capability.

expertHub - online support

leader assessment

Analysis of leader capability
Range of psychometric tests
Expert competency interviews

Q&A forum

Latest market trends
Skill set availability
Benchmark salary and benefits

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Independent expert opinion
Verify you’re on the right track
Implement best practice

Benefits you'll experience.

We’ve been around for over 20 years and have a specialist knowledge in a range of industries and professions

Experts who understand you and your industry

We are the Irish partner within the CFR global network which gives you access to 32 countries, 59 offices and 350+ consultant

Local knowledge with global reach

You’ll learn from our indepth knowledge of talent management, leadership, national & international talent markets and global best practice.

Develop your expertise

As we have a proven track record in delivering on our promises for over 20 years you can deliver on yours.

Deliver on your promises

Experience tells us that by combining your experience with our expertise we will design the solution(s) that will deliver for you.

Innovative co-created solutions

Our approach will be geared to your needs and you’ll get a prompt answer to your queries delivered in a courteous and affable way.

Friendly and responsive team

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